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Tecsun PL-680 Radio Review

My review of the Tecsun PL-680

Steckdosen Internetradio MEDION® E85032 / WLAN und Bluetooth-Funktion

Steuerung per App, DLNA / UPnP kompatibel! Empfang von über 15.000 Internetradiosendern und zahlreichen Podcasts aus aller Welt. Erleben Sie Radio in ...

MEDION LIFE P85024 MD 86698 Wireless LAN Internet Radio

Jetzt bestellen: MEDION LIFE P85024 (MD 86698) Wireless LAN Internet Radio Empfangen Sie mehrere tausend ...

HCJB R.Akhbar Mufriha Via Woofferton Transmitter 03/07/15 22:20 GMT

Picked up on the Tecsun PL-680 Radio

Searching for the Cheapest Radio: Degen DE17

Degen DE17 cost £20 off ebay. This radio was only available for the Chinese market. Fm and shortwave are ok, medium wave not as good, for some reason ...

Voice of Korea 15245 Khz Degen DE17

Voice of Korea English broadcast into the uk on 19/05/2016 at 21:38 UTC. Been a long time since Ive picked this station up!

Radio Exterior de Espania 15390 Khz Degen DE17

Football match on Radio Exterior de Espania picked up in the Uk on the Degen DE17, whip antenna with wire attached ...

Radio Liberty (United States of America) 11945 Khz Degen DE17

Out in the local park listening to Radio Liberty (United States of America) in Russian 11945 Khz Degen DE17 13:04 UTC into the UK. Not a bad signal too!

Enjoy your digital radio with LINGO iMini in London

Super Radio Tupi ~ Brazil in Portugese (??).3gp

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